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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 7 months ago

List of stuff for King Lear..

Please add if you can think of anything



- If we're still going with the mafia idea then it'll be mainly suits, but we'll have to make them varied enough for people to easily tell the characters apart. Maybe use old prom suits? - although we'll need something more feminine for Regan/Goneril/Cordelia

- Mad Tom's costume. He's going to be dressed up like a homeless beggar, right? Ok so hobo gloves, dirty ill-fitting shirt etc... Maybe we could find some things in a charity shop and tear them up/splatter them in mud etc. Or we could give him a more gollum-like look so he fits in with the "uncovered body"/"unaccommodated man"/"nay, he reserved a blanket, else we had been all shamed" quotes better. It's up to you guys.

- The Fool. Not sure how that'll fit in with the mafia theme. Full-blown jester combo, or something more normal looking?

- Extras. The Doctor, various courtiers, officers (good point there, will we need any armour??), attendants/servants etc



- Weapons. Guns/daggers etc. What will Edgar/Edmund fight with? Cornwall/servant? Regan could kill the servant with a razorblade or something else that she had in her handbag

- Beards/Wigs. Gloucester and Lear both need white beards. We'll need to find a wig to go with these too, or else get Ben and whoever's playing Gloucester to temporarily dye their hair white. Not sure whether they'd agree to that though...

- Crown(s)/other jewellery - again, difficulty with mafia theme. Maybe the royals could wear certain badges to show their distinction

- Banners/flags. French army v. British.

- Furniture and other props in various settings. We'll need to finish deciding where the scenes will actually be set first though.


Following on from that then, places to set the scenes in

- Heath - photos of quarry pending

- Courtroom in 1st scene and probably several others. Possibly big room with a large table around which everyone sits, as in office meetings.

- Others... someone else write them all out...


Oh and also something to show the weather, i.e. wind machine, something that sounds like thunder etc

Toodles dudes


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