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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 1 month ago

Gordano School King Lear peanutbutterWiki


Thanks everyone for doing such a great job editing the scenes. It doesn't look as though we will be able to go as far with this project as we had planned- still, it's been really interesting going through the process of editing a Shakespeare play and has hopefully helped you become really intimate with the text.

Thanks all!

Miss BIrd


By the way guys Miss Bird has put me "in charge" of trying to get all these scenes edited so we can get on to the fun part

tee hee unlucky for you all. sorry in advance if i become a bossy moo (just humour me) plz

hugs n kisses holly x x x x x x


Hey y'all! all the grroovy people who go to....YOU GUESSED IT! ye olde gordano! woowoooooo anyways, have a FAB time editing the exciting scenes of king lear! loads and toads of luurrrvv lor xXx!!


BREAKING NEWS BREAKING WOOWOO ---> HOLLY HAS MADE....*tension mounts*...A TABLE! so we can show people what scenes we have edited. Over And Out *pip pip* lurv lor x (Great boxes Kitty!)


NEW!!! We are putting together a list of equipment, etc need for the project so that we can begin costing things. If there is anything that we need that you think of please let me know. Tim (v. boring msg tim) luvs ya holz x add anything you can think of to this list click on link below if you do

rack your brains so mr silverthorn cxan give us lots of moneys!!!! spend spend spend x x x


To those of you who are part of the screen writing group:

I have set up this wiki site (a first for me, so we'll be learning together) because I think it will be an excellent way for us to share the script, especially while we are group-editing it.

You can make changes by doing the following:

  • Click on the link to the act you want to edit below
  • Use the 'edit' button at the top of the page to free up the page for you to edit
  • If you have worked on a scene away from the site on your own user area, try copying and pasting your edited version
  • Remember to cut the old copy of the scene you have edited: we don't want more than one copy of each scene of the site!


You can also edit this instruction page, so if you think you have a good tip I've missed out, just add it in! (Again, click on the 'edit' button to do this.)

Go ahead and have a go- it's really very easy!


Do share this wiki with anyone you think will be involved in the later stages of the project.

All they will need to gain access to the page is the page address, so pass it on!

You will need the password if you are editing the scenes. See me if you need this! Click on the links below to see what condition each scene is currently in:


KingLearAct1.doc (139 KB)

KingLearAct2.doc (102 KB)

KingLearAct3.doc (99 KB)

KingLearAct4.doc (111 KB)

KingLearAct5.doc (78 KB)


we have created a table to keep track ofthe edited scenes.When you have finished editing a particular scene please fill in the table.

lots of love and kisses x x x x holly! ps sorry aboutthe crappiness of the table i tried 4 hours to sort it out but failed miserably!!!! try and update it and it will all become crystal clear! hopefully!!! mwah!

thanx v. much kitty for sorting out my sorry excuse for a table. v. impressed x x x


Good luck and have fun!

Miss Bird

holly and Laura !

mmmmmmm.....pie =D !


Message from the wiki site people: Email us at support@pbwiki.com if you see anything broken or that you don't like. Thanks! :)



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